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[Xen-devel] Xen hotplug question & issue


I'm on a stock Xen 3.2.1 running on Centos 5.2. Can someone give me a pointer 
to where in the Xend code I should start to debug an issue with hotplugging. In 
short, my block-* script doesn't get called on my Centos 5.2 installation but 
it DOES get called on a SuSE installation. I've adapted the script to work 
under Centos, but I can show with debugging that it is never run and no lines 
are added to the xen-hotplug.log.

In this case, I'm playing with iscsi and my device path is iscsi://IQN instead 
of phy:. I'm expecting it to register the device with the 
/etc/xen/scripts/block-iscsi script, but it never appears to do so. I don't 
know what and where that script is being called, so I've been unable to track 
down what is going on. 

I'm going to keep digging through the code until I find my problem, but any 
pointers that might tell me the right places to look are appreciated.

Joe Pranevich

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