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Re: [Xen-devel] [bug] pv-grub doesn't run on rhel5

Samuel Thibault wrote:
> The problem is a bug in the hypervisor's mod_l3_entry which calls
> adjust_guest_l3e before calling get_page_from_l3e, see c/s 17061.  Is it
> possible for you to backport the patch?

So due to the wrong ordering xen first sets the bits, then notices they
shouldn't be set, then complains the guest passed invalid bits?  Uhm,
well, no way to fix minios to run on older xen versions then I guess
(which I'd prefer).  Except maybe limiting the 32bit version to 1GB
address space.  Which should be fine at least for pvgrub ...

Another pvgrub issue:  Is booting guests with the framebuffer enabled
supposed to work?  I suspect that needs some work on the qemu side.
Right now I see the pvgrub screen just fine, after booting the guest
kernel I see funny, scrambled pictures though.  I suspect that needs
some work on the qemu side, so it remaps the framebuffer correctly.



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