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Re: [Xen-devel] Test report for Xen-3.3.0-rc4 (#18314)

On 14/8/08 08:09, "Xu, Jiajun" <jiajun.xu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> As of c/s 18326 I've not been able to reproduce the hypervisor crash
>> in around 40 attempts. Could you give that a go (don't remove OOS from
>> SHADOW_OPTIMIZATIONS -- just test the tree as it is)?
> We tried c/s 18326, the two issues still exist. We found it is more easy
> to reproduce these issues on 32pae host than on 32e host. See following
> log:
> If remove OOS, the two issues will disapear and no other error found.

Thanks Jiajun,

That's disappointing. :-( I think the second of your crashes is the one that
I've been able to reproduce (but infrequently -- maybe one time in 100). The
symptoms are a bit different for me since I run a debug build and crash
earlier, well before domain destruction.

There's a chance that Gianluca's new patch will fix your first host crash
(although the domain crash would probably still remain).

We still need to decide whether to fix the second issue or disable OOS.
We're not decided on that just yet. If it reproed more reliably for us then
I'd be more optimistic about fixing it. Perhaps I will switch to 32pae as so
far I've been running 32e host.

 -- Keir

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