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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] Xend: Fix Setting up Platform Parameters

Make sure that 'PV_kernel' config param is not blank when assigning it
to 'loader' param. This fixes a failure of 'xm create' via xen-api.

Signed-off-by: Yosuke Iwamatsu <y-iwamatsu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

diff -r 2c63cf7b042d tools/python/xen/xend/XendConfig.py
--- a/tools/python/xen/xend/XendConfig.py   Tue Aug 12 10:23:34 2008 +0100
+++ b/tools/python/xen/xend/XendConfig.py   Wed Aug 13 20:43:41 2008 +0900
@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ class XendConfig(dict):
                 self['platform']['hpet'] = 0
             if 'loader' not in self['platform']:
                 # Old configs may have hvmloader set as PV_kernel param
-                if self.has_key('PV_kernel'):
+                if self.has_key('PV_kernel') and self['PV_kernel'] != '':
                     self['platform']['loader'] = self['PV_kernel']
                     self['PV_kernel'] = ''

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