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Re: [Xen-devel] Test report for Xen-3.3.0-rc4 (#18314)

On 13/8/08 10:32, "Xu, Jiajun" <jiajun.xu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 1. Indiana HVM may reboot when loading grub, serial grub shows:
> (XEN) sh error: sh_remove_shadows(): can't find all shadows of mfn
> 1e4490 (shadow_flags=00000040)

At least it's not a hv crash. At this late stage I could perhaps live with

> 2. "xm destroy" Indiana HVM may cause xen call trace. But there is no
> xen crash.

Both backtraces are from 3.3.0-rc1. You modified and tested the wrong tree.
:-) This second backtrace can no longer happen.

We're going to dig into the OOS bug a bit and decide what to do...

 -- Keir

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