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Re: [Xen-devel] RFC: large system support - 128 CPUs

At 14:41 -0400 on 12 Aug (1218552070), Bill Burns wrote:
> First is a build assertion due to the size of
> the page_info structure and the shadow_page_info
> structures get out of sync due to the presence
> of cpumask_t in the page info structure.
> A possible fix is to tack on the following to
> the end of shadow_page_info structure:

Yep, that'll sort it out fine.  I don't think the #if is even needed
because a cpumask is always at least the size of a long.  Or you could
add a "cpumask_t _unused;" to the union with mbz in it since that's
where the sizes get out of sync.



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