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[Xen-devel] Another GPLPV update

I've just uploaded another update to the GPLPV drivers - 0.9.11-pre11.
Download from http://www.meadowcourt.org/downloads

There are some reported bugs that I'd really like to get fixed before I
declare a 0.9.11 proper. These are:

. xennet not working at all in some cases
. one report of samba crashing when the PV drivers are active, but not
when the qemu drivers are used.
. lockups after heavy sustained network use (iSCSI)
. live migration crashing either on resume or very shortly after

I have not been able to reproduce any of those bugs so if you have seen
any of the above with -pre10, please try this release. There are lots of
little fixes which may or may not resolve the problems.

Also, I have added some code to xenvbd which will fail to load if there
are any other disks present in the system already. This could happen
under the following circumstances:
. Start with GPLPV drivers not installed.
. Add /GPLPV in your boot.ini and boot from that entry
. Install GPLPV drivers.
I've given the above fix a small amount of testing but obviously still
be careful - if it doesn't work you will very quickly corrupt your
filesystem to the point of requiring a format and reinstall!

It all works flawlessly on my test systems, with the one exception that
network performance doesn't seem as good as it was previously.


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