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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/11] merge some xen bits into qemu

  Hi folks,

This is the third version of the xen support for qemu patch series,
addressing review comments, mostly the ones from the xen folks.

The console and framebuffer backend drivers are largely based on the
xen code, the other bits are rewritten from scratch.  Nevertheless
the code should be functionally identical.

Overview (individual patches have longer descriptions):

  #1  -- Handle terminating signals.
  #2  -- add DisplayState->idle
  #3  -- add container_of() macro to osdep.h
  #4  -- move GUI_REFRESH_INTERVAL define from vl.c to console.h

  #5  -- groundwork: build system, cmd line options, ...
  #6  -- xen backend driver infrastructrure
  #7  -- xen console backend driver
  #8  -- xen framebuffer backend driver

  #9  -- xen block backend driver
  #10 -- xen nic backend driver
  #11 -- allow xen disks and nics being configured via qemu command
         line options.

The first four patches are preparing patches.  They put some stuff in
place the other xen patches depend on.

With the next four patches in place upstream qemu can replace xen's
qemu-dm for paravirtual domains.  The block and nic backend drivers
are full userspace implementations using the grant table device

xen support is implemented using another machine type.  xen's qemu-dm
already uses the machine type to switch between paravirtualized and
fully virtualized machines, so this was the natural choice.  qemu has
gets a new "xenpv" machine type additionally to the "pc" and "isapc"

The patches are also available here, together with some not-yet submitted
work-in-progress bits:

There is also a patch queue for qemu-dm, so the patches can get a
test-drive there.  Looks slightly different because I left vl.c and the
build system largely alone.  Also the preparing patches are not needed
there.  And the last two patches are not ported over (yet), but xen
probably wouldn't use these bits anyway ...



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