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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Allow compile with CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y, X86_PAE not set on gcc 3.4.5

Adrian Bunk wrote:
CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y is why I never hit it before.

It does not seem to be just one dodgy Redhat compiler (as I assumed in the Bugzilla entry) but the whole 3.4 series of gcc which makes our resolution of saying that this specific compiler is broken invalid.

Considering that we officially support all compilers >= 3.2 this is just one more case where we have to add to the kernel a workaround for a broken compiler.

Yes. I'm happy to write off a specific rpm package, but a whole series is a different matter.


        if (PREALLOCATED_PMDS == 0)

in the appropriate places with a small comment seems like the right answer.


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