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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 0/7] merge some xen bits into qemu


> Baby steps are much easier to review.  That's how things are usually
> done, and here it looks to me like it is feasible to achieve in Xen (and
> have it tested) before event thinking about importing a pile of code in
> qemu where it won't receive as much testing as the xen-unstable tree
> receives.

IMHO the best way to address this issue is to rebase frequently.  The
xen-unstable testing will also covers qemu then.  It also keeps the
delta smaller and makes it easier to test qemu patches in qemu-dm.

I'm trying to fiddle my bits into qemu-dm right now.  One problem is
that I get build failures simply because of the fact that the qemu-dm
base is old compared to upstream qemu.

It would also be great if you can clean up the header mess.  qemu-dm
doesn't build without xen-unstable.hg.  And just a checked out tree
isn't good enougth, it must be compiled because qemu-dm depends on some
generated header files.  Aiee.  IMHO qemu-dm should only need
/usr/include/xen.  If headers are missing there, they should be installed.



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