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[Xen-devel] virtualized boot loader

Hi all,

When a box is powered on, first bios is loaded and executed, then the boot 
loader, then the operating system. 

Now with the introduction of VMM, the boot loader first loads the VMM, then 
loads the OS.

Why not implement a boot loader which is itself a VMM? That is, the boot loader 
can fulfil its traditional function, as to
select to load an OS separately, but also, it can function as a VMM, which can 
load two or more OSes as guest OSes simultaneously.

I have started a project with the name vGRUB, to enhance GRUB with the 
virtualization functions of XEN. The aim of the project is to
simplify the hierachy of software. That is, vGRUB is the firmware that between 
bios and OSes.

vGRUB equals GRUB plus XEN.

I am anxious for all your suggestions. Thanks a lot.



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