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Re: [Xen-devel] SetPageForeign in netback

Hi Zang,

You wrote:
> I noticed that the plug-in accelerator is available in Xen3.2 Source code. The
> accelerator is used for direct IO network devices such as Infiniband and
> Solarflare 10G Nic.
> Can it be used for the PCIE IOV devices? 
> and is there any referece implementation of PCIE IOV Nics now?        

The accelerator plug-in framework is designed to be general-purpose, so
it should work fine with IOV devices.  It requires a plug-in driver to
be written for both netfront and netback.  Between them, these drivers
will need to ensure that BAR pages are mapped into the guest, IOMMU page
tables are setup and interrupts passed to the guest.  These jobs are
outside the scope of the accelerator framework which is just concerned
with handing over traffic from netfront/netback.

I don't know of a reference implementation of an IOV NIC - just the
Solarflare one, but the PCI passthrough code should help you with
mapping interrupts and pages.  Which NIC are you wanting to use?

Cheers, Neil.

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