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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Log qemu-dm's message with date, time and pid

Yuji Shimada schrieb:
> Ian Jackson wrote:
>> I agree with Kevin Wolf's comments.  But I would go further: why can
>> this not be done by the code in xend which starts qemu-dm ?  That
>> would avoid any change to the qemu code.

Right, that would be even better.

Or maybe as another option, introduce proper logging functions instead
of fprintf on stderr into (upstream) qemu. This would be the most work,
of course, but IMHO also the cleanest solution.

> I think that my implementation is more safety way because of the
> following reason.
>   qemu-dm can easily restart ioemu-logger when ioemu-logger die.
>   And ioemu-logger death doesn't affected to guest software.

ioemu-logger is so simple that it would be a shame to see it crash anyway.

> In addition:
>   We developed ioemu-logger without changing the codes which write
>   messages. This enables less changes of the codes in qemu-dm.

You could do the same from within qemu-dm or in xend.


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