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[Xen-users] content size dependence on Dom0 CPU utilization ?

I am running xen3.0 on Fiesty Fawn,Ubuntu. My setup has an apache running on DomU and an external load generator. The content which the load targets is of 2 types :
1. static image : 107Kb
2. perl script : 250 bytes

load : 10 requests/sec Static image -> Dom0 CPU utilization : 11.5%
perl script    -> Dom0 CPU utilzation :  9.5%

load : 40 requests/sec
Static image -> Dom0 CPU utilization : 21%
perl script  -> Dom0 CPU utilization : 11.8%

The activity of the backend driver of Dom0 is not supposed to be dependent on the content size as it deals with descriptors (Ring mechanism, Ref: Xen, Art of virtualization). But according to observations, with more content size the utilization of CPU by Dom0 increases at a higher rate which I found very surprising !! ? Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Saransh Mittal.

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