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[Xen-users] Pre-release of GPLPV drivers for Windows

I've just uploaded a pre-release version of the GPLPV drivers for
windows - 0.9.11-pre4. Please read the rest of this email before using.

The following bugs have been fixed:
. Installer problems with certs
. Now works on a 32 bit system with /PAE and >4G memory
. Back to only hiding specific PCI ID's. PCI passthrough should now work
. Major changes (again) to the xenhide code. The existing functionality
remains, and in addition I've restored some of the previous
functionality. When you boot with /GPLPV, the qemu devices should be
completely gone, which looks a bit neater. When you boot without /GPLPV,
the xen devices will show exclamation marks. This is deliberate.

On that last point, please test on a test DomU first as if the hide code
is broken in some way and fails to 'hide' the qemu ide device, your NTFS
filesystem will be corrupted beyond repair.

The 0.9.11 release proper will depend on me getting no 'you corrupted my
filesystem' emails :)

The cert stuff actually seems to greatly reduce the number of messages I
have to click through on install!



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