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RE: [Xen-devel] Power aware credit scheduler

> Well, when such scale can be or should be applied to other facets,
> original proposal on freq side doesn't apply as I replied to myself in
> another mail, since credit scheduler can't anticipate the freq
> distribution
> in next accounting phase, unless freq change is controlled by
> scheduler fully. But we'll experiment adding scheduler input into freq
> governor as discussed with Keir. :-)

That's OK -- it's fine to account in arrears, and doing so will have the
right influence on how we schedule things in the future.  That's why
it's important to move from tick accounting to absolute. 


> BTW, when such scale concepts takes more factors as mentioned
> above, original tick based accounting seems more unconformable when
> there's no direct map between tick and credit...
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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