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Re: [Xen-users] Release 0.9.10 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

The certification path is broken here, we need the cert of meadowcourt.org which has signed yours.

James Harper schrieb:
I've just uploaded 0.9.10 to http://www.meadowcourt.org/downloads

As a reminder, the wiki page is

If you are upgrading from 0.9.9, you might have a problem with
xenshutdown. The install script stops the service but the process
doesn't stop immediately so the installer can't update it as the file is
in use. Either kill shutdownmon using task manager, or just wait 10
seconds or so and hit retry. This may need further work... You shouldn't
have any other issues upgrading as nothing should take effect until a
reboot is done.

The xennet 'parameters' (csum offload, large send offload) should now
work properly.

The drivers are now (self-)signed, and the cert is included. The
installer will prompt you to install the cert but I'm not sure how
effective that will be... it's a start anyway. If you are using Vista or
2008, please let me know if this makes things any easier or harder for
you, or if there's anything else I need to do in the installer.

In order for things to install without any warnings at all, the drivers
need to pass Windows Logo verification, which I have no experience with.
Apparently you put the drivers through a bunch of tests, submit the logs
from those tests to Microsoft, pay a fee, and either your drivers get
passed or they get failed, hopefully with some explanation.


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