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RE: [Xen-users] Windows GPL PV Drivers 0.9.9-pre2

James Harper wrote:

> The thing that's bugging me at the moment is how to make upgrades from
> previous versions work nicely. Part of the problem is that some of the
> drivers BSOD on close sometimes, which I should be able to fix if I can
> catch it happening, but the main problem is that xenpci 0.9.8 (probably)
> isn't going to work with xennet 0.9.9, and when windows upgrades the
> drivers it will know that it has to upgrade xenpci next boot so it
> defers it (because xenvbd is using it to manage the system drive), but
> knows that it can upgrade xennet now, which introduces the version
> mismatches. 


I would make it a requirement of installation for 0.9.9 and greater
that all previous versions be uninstalled prior to installation and
not even try to do it as part of the install. Have the install test
the presence of prior drivers and have it abort it install with a
please uninstall first message.

Then all you need to to write-up a manual uninstall procedure for the
differing versions and include it as a README to the download.

It's both the easiest and safest approach.


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