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Re: [Xen-devel] please revert c/s 17686

On 13/6/08 03:08, "Wei, Gang" <gang.wei@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok. Without hpet_broadcast, C3 can't work now.
> First, we need to add check for mechanism readiness before entering C3
> to avoid sleeping forever as you mentioned.
> Second, there are 3 options to reenable C3.
>   - Use pit_broadcast. Straightforward, may have some impacts on
> tick-less effect.
>   - Emulate RTC with legacy HPET. Need back porting from latest Linux
> kernel.
>   - Enable FSB delivery for HPET interrupt. Not all models support this
> mode.
> We would like to go with pit_broadcast first to ensure the C3 usability,
> and look at other options later.

Will you keep the 10ms tick in this case? If that's acceptable it should be
a simple patch.

 -- Keir

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