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[Xen-devel] dom0 boot failure with 256G


   I've been intensely debugging a dom0 crash right at boot in
   pagetable_init() with 256G. We are running 64bit hyp with 32bit dom0.
   This on xen 3.1.3, which seems to have fixes from changeset 16548.

   It boils down to this:

  crash occurs in dom0: mfn_to_pfn() during machine_to_phys_mapping[mfn]
  lookup  where mfn == 0x3f2ec09 is too big. The table starts at: 0xf5800000
  which I see comes from MACH2PHYS_VIRT_START.

  Trying to figure the hyp out, I notice phys addr is set as:

  d->arch.physaddr_bitsize =
          fls((1UL << 32) - HYPERVISOR_COMPAT_VIRT_START(d)) - 1
            + (PAGE_SIZE - 2);
  which is set to 0x1019, totally baffling me. I'd expect it to be 32,
  36, or 64????????

 moving along, in alloc_domheap_pages() :
   bits = domain_clamp_alloc_bitsize(d, bits ? : (BITS_PER_LONG+PAGE_SHIFT));

  domain_clamp_alloc_bitsize(struct domain *d, unsigned int bits)
      if ( (d == NULL) || !is_pv_32on64_domain(d) )
              return bits;
      return min(d->arch.physaddr_bitsize, bits);
           ---> here : physaddr: 0x1019, bits:76 ?????
           ---> i'm thinking bits should be 36+12 == 48 ??

   finally, call to alloc_heap_pages(...) returns frames too high, pg
   ptr is returned at : ffff82849df30000 (zone_hi == 0x27)

   On a side note, is my understanding correct that while a guest pfn must
   always be < 36 bits for a PAE 32 guest, the mfn doesn't have to be?


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