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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] some fixes for the pvSCSI driver

Hi all,

I will post following three patches for pvSCSI driver.

1.) The cs562 has changed VBD backend's configuration parameter in
    drivers/xen/Kconfig. I'm sorry, it was a mistake. This patch 
    revert the modification.
2.) This patch fixes pvSCSI backend's configuration parameter, module
    dependency and module type, in drivers/xen/Kconfig.
3.) This patch enables SCSI command emulation framework.
    (The framework was "#if 0"ed on the source code last posted.)
    And also, REPORT_LUN command emulation is enabled.

As for 3.), we consider another flexible framework is needed which 
provides hot-plug of arbitrary emulation routines. (Some SCSI command,
especially for vendor unique command, may require different emulation
logic depends on the environment. This is the reason why we need the 
new framework.) We would like to continue to discuss about the design 
of the framework.

Best regards,

Jun Kamada

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