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[Xen-devel] are there any hidden domains inside Xen when it is running?

hi, all:
i have programmed a little tool which can dump some information of key data-struct inside xen.
with the tool, i obtained some data related to "frame_table" as follows:
page_offset, page_number, count_info, is_allocated, reference, inuse_domain_id, free_list_order
    502636KB,     125659,   80000002, allocated,          2,          1,          0
    516092KB,     129023,   80000002, allocated,          2,          0,          0
    516096KB,     129024,   80000001, allocated,          1,      32754,          0
    523248KB,     130812,   80000003, allocated,          3,      32753,          0
in my testing, i have brought up two domains, i.e. domain0(0), domainU(1). But from the list above, there are another two domains, who are they?
thanks in advance.

Haifeng Fang
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