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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][HVM] Improve shadow paging performance for 64 bit solaris guests

The following patch provides a 'fast-path' for sh_remove_write_access()
for 64 bit Solaris HVM guests. This provides a significant performance
boost for such guests; our testing shows a 200-400% improvement in
microbenchmarks such as fork(), exit(), etc...

The patch was developed against 3.1.4 and I've checked that it still
applies against xen-unstable. Could you please also apply the patch to 3.2?

BTW: The change to multi.c isn't strictly part of the patch, it was just a
bit of cleanup I spotted when I was developing the patch and testing out
enabling/disabling different optimisations.


Gary Pennington
Solaris Core OS
Sun Microsystems

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