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RE: [Xen-devel] We still have to disable vtd for old chipset?

Kay, Allen M writes ("RE: [Xen-devel] We still have to disable vtd for old 
> It should work assuming your BIOS is reporting VT-d correctly.  At least
> the page table sharing should no longer be the issue.

Are you sure ?  My understanding (admittedly half-remembered from some
technical note that came with the motherboard replacement to bring our
pre-C0 pre-production VT-d system up to date) was that the iommu page
table format is different in the pre-C0 chipsets.

That would explain why pagetable sharing between iommu and normal mmu
is not possible with those chipsets.  But it also makes those pre-C0
chipsets completely incompatible with all of the code in Xen, because
Xen doesn't know anything about those pre-C0 pagetables ?  (And isn't
going to be taught.)


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