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RE: [Xen-users] Release 0.9.5 of GPL PV Drivers for Windows

What bit width are you running (32 or 64)?

> I get a BSOD.. I can send you a pretty screen shot if you like.  And
> depending on my "disk" line in the HVM config I get the BSOD at
> times.  Tap:aio bsods early in the boot and tap:qcow bsods quite late.

Yes please to the screen shot, or at least give me the BSoD numbers.

I'd also appreciate a copy of the 'disk=' lines in your config, and the
output of xenstore-ls /local/domain/<id>/device/vbd, eg 'xenstore-ls
/local/domain/198/device/vbd'. In that output there will be a 'backend='
line, I'd like to see the output of xenstore-ls on that too.

> IOMETER Performance Results (see config attached)

Well... that's a bit disappointing. I was hoping to see much better
performance but your results seem to indicate worse performance than
with the qemu drivers.

One thing that I've found is that Windows will give scsiport drivers
buffers on almost any alignment, especially for small requests (<
PAGE_SIZE). If that happens, we have to double buffer the requests and
there will be a fairly major performance hit. This happens very rarely
on my test machines but others could be a bit different...

The drivers will complain about this misalignment via debug output, can
you also try running the tests whilst also running 'debugview' from



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