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Re: [Xen-devel] Libxenstat to be considered as stable?

Jan Michael wrote:
> As I'm going to write some kind of a monitoring sensor, which will use the
> same information "xentop" currently provides, I would like to know if
> libxenstat can be considered as stable? Will libxenstat be supported in
> future versions of Xen?

As one of the original developers of libxenstat, I can say that we developed
it specifically as a layer to insulate programs from changes to the underlying
libraries, APIs, structure layouts, or hypercalls.  We do not intend for
existing APIs in it to change, though new ones may certainly appear.

That said, I don't currently have a lot of involvement with libxenstat, and I
don't know whether it will change or not.

- Josh Triplett

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