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Re: [Xen-devel] X11_EnterFullScreen fails

> I am trying to set the guest window to full-screen mode but the domain
> consistently crashes when I try to do that. The problem could be traced
> to a point where X11-driver used by SDL itself fails. Here is the call
> trace before system crashes (most recent call last):

Just to clarify;

are you fullscreening a guest application runnig nin the domU, or the guest 
virtual framebuffer viewer running in dom0?


> SDL_video.c::SDL_SetVideoMode() makes a call to video->SetVideoMode().
> (We use X11 video driver)
> video->SetVideoMode() = SDL_x11video.c::X11_SetVideoMode()
> The above makes a call to SDL_x11video.c::X11_ResizeWindow() which makes
> a call to X11_EnterFullScreen() (in SDL_x11modes.c)
> X11 does support full-screen mode and I am unable to understand why it
> is initiated by xen. Has anyone tried this?
> Thanks,
> Jayant Mangalampalli

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