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Re: [Xen-devel] XEN support mulitple driver domain?

> i wander ifÂÂXEN support multiple driverÂdomain
> (as you know, a driver domain is the domain hasÂbackend driver.)
> is it possible that a couple of backend driver place in multiple drvier
> domain? (for example,a network backend driver places inÂdriver domain1
> andÂa block backend driver places in driver domain 2) 

Yes, that ought to be able to work.  By convention, net backends and block 
backends reside in dom0.  There's no reason why you can't also run several 
other net backend and block backend domains.  The domains can either have 
frontends of their own (e.g. a firewall domain might have a net frontend and 
a net backend), or they can access PCI devices directly.  You can only have 
one domain controlling any given PCI device.

You'll still need to give dom0 devices it can boot the system from initially 


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