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RE: [Xen-devel] Guest domain in full screen



In your case, it did appear like passing full-screen option, along some “other options” did the trick. Can you please let us know what these other options/parameters are?





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Hi Trolle,


Thanks for your reply.

There are 2 problems here.

1.       “full-screen=1” option is not getting trickled down to qemu.

2.       To get away with step 1, I hardcoded “full_screen” value to 1 in tools/ioemu/vl.c and passed to sdl_display_init (ds, full_screen). But it crashes.


I think with the changes you made you could solve the problem 1. I am facing program crash with problem 2.

Please let me know if the change you did in your script file (with regards to full screen problem) was only parsing the “full-screen” option and then appending it to “args”. If so, did this alone solve the problem.






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I've used fullscreen mode by pointing the device_model line to a wrapper script which in turn calls qemu-dm with a few extra options i can't get from the config file, including the -full-screen option. An odd quirk is that the screen goes black during the boot process at the point where the loading screen should show, but once the guest OS is in graphical mode, it appears to work fine.


On 5/18/07, Anantharamaiah Bhaskara <BA_Bhaskara@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

I want to run the guest domain (Win XP) in full screen mode. I set

the parameter " full-screen" to 1 in winxp.hvm and r an the " xm create"

cmd ( xm create –c /etc/xen/winxp.hvm) . This throws a syntax error at 

the line where "full-screen " is enabled. I found that t here is no

logic to parse "full-screen " option in tools/python/xen/xm/*.py

Also I tried setting " full_screen" to 1 by default in tools/ioemu/vl.c

But with this option, when I bring up the guest, it hangs.

Is there a bug in sdl or ioemu because of which the logic for parsing

"full-screen " option in python scripts have been removed ?

May anybody tell me if they have tried running the guest in full screen

mode and if they have succeeded.



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