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RE: [Xen-devel][PATCH]NVRAM support for IA64

Good good study,day day up ! ^_^
-Wing(zhang xin)
OTC,Intel Corporation

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>From: Akio Takebe [mailto:takebe_akio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: 2007年5月24日 9:50
>To: Zhang, Xing Z; xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Ian Campbell
>Cc: Alex Williamson; xen-ia64-devel; Keir Fraser; Ewan Mellor
>Subject: Re: [Xen-devel][PATCH]NVRAM support for IA64
>Hi, Wing
>CC: Keir and Ewan
>>         Attachment is a patch implementing NVRAM for IA64. The patch is
>> to add patch through libxc to remove the file access dependency from
>> Qemu. The patch doesn't touch much of the
>> common code, just add a hook in Xend and a HVM param in XEN. Hope your
>> comments on it. Nvram is important to IA64, we got many requirements for
>> it.Thx:-)
>Wing, this patch is great improvement.
>Without this patch, we cannot boot windows 2008,
>and also cannot boot windows 2003 automatically on ia64.
>I have a few commens.
>PERROR doesn't print messages because libxc doesn't have terminal.
>So it is better to pass Error codes (e.g. ENOMNT, EPERM..) to xend so
>xend can catch exceptions and, as a result, it puts error messages in

[Zhang, Xing Z(Wing)] 
PERROR prints messages to xend-debug.log. It also transfers the errno variable 
to readable string and prints it to dom0's console.
There are lots of usages of PERROR in libxc lib, so I think PERROR works fine.
Thanks for your comments.

>How do you like this?
>Keir and Ewan, do you have any other comments?
>Best Regards,
>Akio Takebe

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