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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] HVM Virtual S3

Keir Fraser  wrote on 2007年5月17日 21:07:
> I think we'll end up with something like this in the tools, yes. But
> let's get the save/restore one plumbed in first. The second case
> needs integration with VT-d patches and host S3 patches, which aren't
> yet in the tree. 
>  -- Keir

Hi Keir,

I just discuss with Edwin and Kevin on the HVM save/restore integration with 
virtual S3. Basically, the following things need to be done:

1. For HVM without PV, QEMU call xc_save, qemu_savevm,... at the virtual S3 
final stage. 
2. For HVM with PV, need also add PV driver suspend/resume interface to 
disconnect/reconnect xenbus connection. 

Since I am not familiar with the HVM save/restore, how about the following 
working model:
- I implement the basic Virtual S3 code and leave interface for save/restore
- You or the PV maintainer add the above save/restore logic upon the  basic 
virtual S3 code.

Best Regards

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