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RE: [Xen-devel] Zaptel PCI IRQ problem

> I'm currently trying to run an Asterisk server in a Xen kernel under
> Dom0 (debian kernel 2.6.18 with xen hypervisor 3.0.4). I had read of
> some possible timing issues with ztdummy (using rtc) under DomU, but I
> have a zaptel compatible PCI card (TDM400P), and I experience big
> problems with IRQ misses every time there is a bit of load on the server
> (for example, when an HVM DomU is running). The card is supposed to
> report 1000 interruptions per second, but it doesn't, and consequences
> are horrible crackling sound in communications. Running the utility
> zttest to check for the stability of those interrupts under a small bit
> of load, i get:

I believe folk have had success running asterisk in a domU and assigning the 
PCI device directly to the guest. It's best to set the affinity masks for other 
guests and dom0 such that the domU with asterisk in it has a dedicated physical 
CPU core. 

We ran asterisk on an older version of Xen without any problems, and nothing 
has changed that should effect xen's ability to do this. [you could try using 
the sedf scheduler if you still have problems with 'credit']


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