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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] HVM Virtual S3

Ian Pratt  wrote on 2007年5月17日 22:15:
>> In VGA card side, the VESA FB emulation has not been tried yet, but
>> the cirrus_vga works fine with Windows. Windows has cirrus VGA
>> driver, which supports S3, So this issue is resolved.
>> Current issue is that Windows is not happy with the standard monitor
>> driver. And unfortunately, seems there is no monitor emulation code
>> in QEMU, so there may be no way to change the QEMU monitor type. It
>> would be better if someone can tell how to change that.
> But presumably the monitor driver changes if you use VESA FB as the
> DDC information is available via VESA calls? Hopefully this supports
> S3. 
> Ian

Oh, I will try that. Thanks for the info.

- Ke

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