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[Xen-devel] [RFC] pv-scsi driver (scsiback/scsifront)

Hi all.

 We developped a pv-scsi driver that we refered Fujita-san's scsi-driver
 and blkback.
 (see, http://www.xensource.com/files/xensummit_4/Xen_Summit_8_Matsumoto.pdf)

 The pv-scsi driver's feature is as follow:
  * Guest has dedicated SCSI-HBAs of Dom0.
  * Guest can send scsi_cdb to the HBAs.
  * Guest recognises the HBAs from hostno of xenstore.

 Currentlly, We are developping FC version based on this.

* Future work:
  * implement python code
  * performance tunning
  * attach, detach
  * suspend, resume

* We are wondering about:
 * We used "scsihost" as xenstore nodename. Is it suitable?
 * We consider about configfile format...  
   scsihost = ['fc,0', 'scsi,1', 'type,num']
               type = "fc" or "scsi"
               num  = scsi host number on Dom0
   Do you have any comment?
 * We have no idea how to implement suspend/resume feature.
   ex. Physical HBA mapping for resumed guest.
       Pending I/O.
       The WWN within FC mode for resumed guest.
       Influence of migration.

  Could you suggest to us about this?

Best regards,
Tomonari Horikoshi

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