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[Xen-devel] Updating to Qemu 0.90 breaks save/restore

Save/restore is ok against staging tree’s changeset 15020: d2ef85c6bf84, but is NOT ok against changeset 15021: 00618037d37d (Update to qemu 0.90).


I use IA32pae HV; both SMP Windows 2K3 and FC5 can’t be saved properly.

After “xm save dom_id 1.save” returns, Qemu window disappears, but “xm vcpu-list” still shows the domain has not been killed.

If I “xm dest” the dom manually by force, and run “xm restore 1.save”, for Windows 2k3, a white Qemu window always pops up – maybe the domain is still running normally thought the VGA is not OK, but I’m not sure.


Can somebody please look into the issue?



-- Dexuan


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