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Re: [Xen-devel] [Fwd: [XenPPC] can't start xend - anyone similar problems or a hint for me ?]

It worked, thanks!
So I suppose it tried to restore a stored state which was saved in an old (and apparently incompatible) way. I don't know all the related things (maybe it would delete something important), but would it make sense to do the 'rm -rf /var/lib/xend/state' in the install-tools step of the Makefile to prevent this?

btw - my initial mail did not occur on the list so I resubmitted it because I missed that Hollis forwarded it already once more (and this time it worked) - please ignore the other one if it arrives this time ;-)

Keir Fraser wrote:
On 8/5/07 17:20, "Hollis Blanchard" <hollisb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is this a well-known error?

'rm -rf /var/lib/xend/state' may help.

 -- Keir

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