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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][RFC] consider weight for vcpu-pin case


This patch intends to consider weight for vcpu-pin case.
(in other words, pcpu.credit > 30msec case.) 
In this case, weight parameter does not work appropriately.
By applying this patch, weight parameter works.

This patch consists 3-parts
1)Weight Calculation for vcpupin
  csched_consider_vcpupin()  (add)

2)Credit Balance Calculation for vcpupin  
  csched_consider_vcpupin_credit_balance()  (add)

3)Other credit correction factor calculation.
  csched_acct()  (modified like variable csched_corr_factor)

For test
If you want to test this patch, please test like following configuration
at 4pcpu machine.
Dom1 vcpu0.0-1 vcpu1.0-1 weight 256
Dom2 vcpu0.0-1 vcpu1.0-1 weight 512
N.B.)0-1 means pininfo(xm vcpu-pin)
If this patch does not applied, xentop shows each cpu 100%.
But If you use this patch, xentop shows 66%, 133% for each domain.

Discussion Points
1) many loop is permitted?
2) arithmetic divide is still remain 4 points for each vcpu.
3) Is it enough tuned?(Need more tune) 

Any comments will be appreciated.

this problem is already questioned six month ago.
At this moment, I think this effect is very low.
But a month ago, somebody suggested me this issue is important.
(SMP like boot 8cpu with 2domain in 1pcpu share, weight does not effect.
This also effects NUMA system weight.)
Atsushi SAKAI

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