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Re: [Xen-devel] vesafb

On 8/5/07 20:20, "Kaushik Barde" <Kaushik_Barde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I Agree with Kier.
> And from our experience (Phoenix) BIOS reserved areas usually aren't
> clobbered (except for a vendor specific BIOS/system customizations)
> I am also not sure about why can't we create Dom0 interface changes?
> Like I presented in my email earlier, is following ok?

Jan's specific concerns are relating to interrupts, NMIs and machine-check
exceptions, if we return to real-mode at arbitrary times after the machine
has finished booting. Those concerns are quite reasonable (but, I think,
work-aroundable). However, doing one or two calls back to real mode before
dom0 even starts to execute should definitely not be a problem - that's not
what is being argued against here.

 -- Keir

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