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RE: [Xen-devel] vesafb

> > Exactly, and Ian intends to do the same thing (i.e. parse the 
> > Linux-dom0 command line). This is what I consider 
> counter-intuitive - 
> > Xen should only care about its own command line (unless absolutely 
> > needed to make assumptions about dom0's), and GrUB really 
> shouldn't look at Linux'
> > command line either.
> Oh, I see, I didn't spot that. Yes, we may as well shift the 
> vga= option onto Xen's command line. It's what we did with 
> every other option we took from Linux, so it would also be 
> consistent (apic=, etc.).

That would make sense if xen could use the graphics framebuffer, but
since xen currently only supports text mode the option really only
applies to dom0. I guess we might add support in future, in which case
parsing it from xen's command line is OK. This may have implications for
other dom0 OSes who are expecting to find the console in text mode,


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