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RE: [Xen-devel] vesafb

>>> "Ian Pratt" <Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 07.05.07 22:14 >>>
>> It is pretty easy, I sent sample code to Ian, if somebody can show me
>> how they want it to look in Xen, i.e. where the function gets called
>> and all that, I guess I can try to put it in -unstable.
>I think we want to parse the dom0 kernel's command line looking for a
>'vga=' parameter, and if present, setup the appropriate vesa mode just
>before un-pausing the newly created dom0.

So you want the same counter intuitive mechanism that native Linux uses
(in that GrUB parses the kernel command line), rather than having the
command line option apply directly to Xen (i.e. vesa=), leaving unhandled
any non-Linux OSes possibly usable as dom0? 


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