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Re: [Xen-devel][Xense-devel][PATCH][1/4] Xen Security Modules: XSM

Hi George,

I've been working on some automated checking tools for the Xen tree and I'm 
afraid your patches came at a convenient time for you to be a test case - 
sorry :-)

> Updates in this patch set include:
>     - adaptation to new create secure interface for domain_create
>     - cleanup of xsm enable/disable framework through xsm_call macro
>     - ifdef architecture/config specific hooks

Right now I've got a load of coding style nits that you might be interested 
in.  I'm attaching the relevant output of the Xen style checking tool 
(derived from a pre-existing Linux style checker) below; I've given it a look 
through to verify that it appears sane.  It's largely based on my 
interpretation of what the Xen codebase style appears to be, so there may be 
some things you disagree with.

I realise you're still iterating on the design, but I hope this is useful for 
getting ready for the merge.  Please feel free to give feedback if you 
disagree with of the details.


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