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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] 2/4 "nemesis" scheduling domains for Xen

Hi Mike,

A couple of minor coding style quibbles.  I'll leave actually design comments 
to those who've worked on the scheduler more recently than I!

As Keir said, there's a few minor formatting differences from the Xen code 
(e.g. spacing around the brackets in if statements).  I'd like to add that in 
Xen code that isn't shared with Linux, NULL is preferred to 0 when assigning 
to a pointer.  Applying this patch and running it through sparse through 
sparse gave me:

> sched_credit.c:457:18: warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointer
> sched_credit.c:998:18: warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointer

Only a minor nit.


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