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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen on core duo

On 7/5/07 05:22, "Jacob Gorm Hansen" <jacobg@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I have a system with Intel core-duo. Linux sees 4 cpus (2 core duo
>> +HT). I installed Xen on the same box and it reports only 1 proc
>> in /proc/cpuinfo.
> hi,
> as far as I know, Xen only supports UP for dom0. Xen itself has probably
> detected the two cores and hyperthreads fine, and they will be used by guest
> VMs.

The default -xen0 configuration is !CONFIG_SMP. You can change that default,
or boot the -xen kernel as dom0, to get an SMP dom0.

 -- Keir

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