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Re: [Xen-devel] Numa=on broken?

* Ryan Harper <ryanh@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-04 08:34]:
> * Subrahmanian, Raj <raj.subrahmanian@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-04 01:23]:
> > Ryan,
> > I did check out the mail discussion where you encountered and fixed
> > this.
> > I am seeing this again on 15009, unstable and in 15021 3.1. rc7.
> > I have included the debug messages in both runs.
> Hrm, well, we need to see which node the request is failing in so we can
> figure out how to initialize the heap.  I'm attaching a patch that
> should hopefully dump out which node the memory request is failing in.
> Last time, it was the xmalloc() in xen/common/page_alloc.c in
> init_heap_pages().
> Give this patch a spin and email me the output.

Here is one that actually compiles.

Ryan Harper
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