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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] xm-test: ia64 min memory & arbitrarily large ramdisk

The following patch does two things:

1) Sets a minimum of 128MB RAM for an ia64 domU; this limit was set after experimentation, which seems to indicate it's a reasonable lower limit (the 32MB limit previously in place did not allow an ia64 domU to start). If there's any problem with this, I don't mind splitting the patch and sending it to the ia64 list, but it was small, so I hope it's okay to include it.

2) xm-test uses ramdisks built with uClibc, which doesn't compile on ia64. I was able to create a ramdisk by hand, but as it was too large, the resultant domU crashed after boot. This patch enables the use of an arbitrarily large ramdisk, so long as it's uncompressed. As xm-test builds only uncompressed ramdisks, I figured this was reasonable for that specific application. Suggestions on how to detect and handle a compressed ramdisk would be welcome.

diff -r 9313d0ce09f8 tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestLib/arch.py
--- a/tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestLib/arch.py Tue Apr 24 09:26:32 2007 -0600 +++ b/tools/xm-test/lib/XmTestLib/arch.py Thu May 03 11:16:58 2007 -0600
@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ def ia_checkBuffer(buffer):

def ia_minSafeMem():
    return 32
+def ia64_minSafeMem():
+    return 128

def ia_getDeviceModel():
    """Get the path to the device model based on
@@ -139,6 +142,17 @@ if _arch == "x86" or _arch == "x86_64" o
        configDefaults = ia_HVMDefaults
        configDefaults = ia_ParavirtDefaults
+    # note: xm-test generates an uncompressed image, and this code
+ # expects one. This will fail with a gzip-ed image. + if configDefaults['ramdisk']:
+        rd_size = os.stat(configDefaults['ramdisk']).st_size
+        configDefaults['extra'] = 'ramdisk_size=' + str((rd_size / 1024)+1)
+    if _arch == "ia64":
+        minSafeMem = ia64_minSafeMem
+       configDefaults['memory'] = ia64_minSafeMem()
elif _arch == "powerpc":
    minSafeMem = ppc_minSafeMem
    getDefaultKernel = ppc_getDefaultKernel

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