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[Xen-devel] DomU-Dom0 communication question

Hi all,

I need to create a custom communication channel between DomU and Dom0 in order 
to send arbitrary messages/buffers between applications in Dom0 and DomU. 

Basically, I am thinking about making a char control driver on both sides that 
would transport those messages to subscribers on either end using defined IOCL 

I am looking at backend/frontend drivers and I don't think it would work for 
what I want to do as fron/back ends don't have any devices associated with it. 

Would it be better to utilize event channel directly or write frontend/backend 
drivers and control drivers on both ends? Or maybe there is another mechanism 
that already exists in xen environment and I am just trying to do things the 
hard way? Any advise is greatly appreciated.



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