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RE: [Xen-devel] about eventchannel

>From: Mark Williamson
>Sent: 2007年2月1日 4:48
>> I try to understand the eventchannel part,
>> and I am confused by the differences of the physical IRQ line ,virtual
>> IRQ line and virtual IPI line
>Physical IRQ lines correspond to actual IRQs from real hardware
>Guests receive an event channel notification for a physical IRQ line if
>is an interrupt generated by that device.
>A virtual IRQ is something that is generated by Xen, e.g. the domain's
>The virtual IPI lines are interdomain event channels, allowing domains to
>notify each other (for instance to notify that there's data waiting for
>processing in a shared memory buffer).

I would say virtual IPI lines are inter-vcpu event channels within one 
domain, which just behaves like physical IPI. Then we can consider 
rest out of above 3 categories into inter-domain event ports. :-)


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