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Re: [Xen-devel] Dynamic Memory Management and Migration (3.0.4-0)

You may want to try initially giving the domain the full allocation
and then decreasing its share once it has booted.  You should be able
to expand back to the full amount.  I have used this method and
successfully performed migrations in the past.

Yes, this should work in 3.0.4.

One time i tried a live migration, the domain just disappears. The
domain was neither running on the src-domain-0 nor on the dst-domain-0,
the domain just vanished.

This issue (better handling of failure during live migration) is planned to be
fixed for 3.0.5.

I have noticed that live migration of domains which are not currently
allocated their full amount of memory can take much longer.  There was
speculation that this was because of millions of debug logs which
inadvertently get printed out and slow progress to a crawl.  This may
well have been fixed in recent versions of xen, I'm still stuck back a
generation or two on my systems.

There's two issues here:
  1. excessive printfs() for ballooned down domains - this is fixed in both
      3.0.4-1 and -unstable
  2. lazy allocation of memory for ballooned down domains (so you don't
need 'maxem' on the destination, just the current allocation); this is
      fixed in current -unstable.

In general it's worth upgrading to either the latest minor release or the tip
of the latest -testing tree.



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