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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] Use string bound functions (take #2)


I killed safe_strcpy() and almost all users from strcpy() and strncpy().
The remaining users are acm and acpi.
When this is done, strcpy() and strncpy() can be removed.

patch 1/3:
Changes arch-independent code.
Warning: Since tools re-uses libelf, this breaks the tool-building of the 
Linux distris, whose glibc have NO strlcpy/strlcat. 
Solaris and *BSD are fine. They have these functions.
Keir, it's up to you if you apply this or if you wait until a fix for the 
tools is available.

patch 2/3:
Changes for x86 platform.

patch 3/3:
Changes for ppc/ia64 platforms.
Warning: Due to lack of hw, these two patches are NOT even compile-tested.
IA64 and PPC maintainers, please verify.

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