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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen refuses to load minimal dom0 kernel

I am trying to link a minimal Domain 0 kernel (adapted from the Mini-OS), but when Xen tries to build the Domain 0 it panics:

"Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image."

which is caused by the following code in xen/arch/x86/domain_build.c:

    order = get_order_from_bytes(v_end - dsi.v_start);
    if ( (1UL << order) > nr_pages )
        panic("Domain 0 allocation is too small for kernel image.\n");

The linker script I am using is adapted from the Mini-OS and links .text at 0xC0000000 + 0x100000, just like the Linux kernel does. Does any one has any hints what I am doing wrong and what this test actually checks for?

Mini-OS assumes .text at 0x0. Since you've changed that, you better make corresponding changes to VIRT_BASE and ELF_PADDR_OFFSET in mini- os/arch/x86/x86_32.S. If that does not help, could you send an output of the following printk added just before the if statement?
printk("v_start=%lx v_end=(%lx, %lx)\n", dsi.v_start, v_end, dsi.v_end);


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